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  1. | Where no one ever wonders what they put on shelves before DVDs were invented

    Where everyday is Jimmy Shaker day. - 2009-02-09
  2. Cinema Directory - 2009-04-02
  3. Blurfilm - niekomercyjne projekty filmowe

    Blurfilm - ta nazwa wywodzi siê od s³abej jakoœci filmów nagrywanych technik¹ VHS. Blurfilm nie d¹¿y do poprawnoœci stosowania technik filmowych.
    bogaczyk0 - 2009-04-07
  4. Cinema ALB - Learn Leadership and Role Model skills in Movies, Cinema, Film, and Independent films

    Listings on independent films and the art of filmmaking including cinematography, lighting, set design, and more.
    Cinema ALB0
    Role Model skills0 - 2009-02-06
  5. Cineleet

    Cineleet is a celebration of all things film. Our site is periodically updated with well-researched content designed specifically by film-lovers for ... - 2009-03-04
  6. - 2009-04-03
  7. Wok N Roll Films

    Wok N Rolls film is a Seattle based independent film company that produces quality distributed films.
    Hamburgers & Salsa0
    Jason Valentine0
    Nhien Nguyen0
    Rob Mar0
    Seattle Independent Film0
    Shawn Calbero0 - 2009-02-13
  8. International Film Circuit, Inc. | distributor of fine films

    International Film Circuit (IFC) was founded in 1987 to bring quality international cinema to American audiences through innovative distribution strategies.
    Chris Newby0
    Henri Langlois0
    Larisa Shepitko0
    theatrical distributor0
    Wang Xiaoshuai0
    Wendy Lidell0 - 2009-02-05
  9. Film Noir Studies

    Film noir essays, glossary, timeline and links. Featuring No Place for a Woman: The Family in Film Noir, Film Noir’s Progressive Portrayal of Women, and other e ...
    film noir detective0
    film noir images0
    film noir women0
    women in film noir0 - 2009-02-09
  10. Béruchet Production vous présente ses films

    Béruchet Production réalise des courts métrages racontant les aventures de Béruchet, personnage tendre et naïf, aux prises avec les vicissitudes de la vie quot ... - 2009-02-13

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