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Q: Where do the keywords come from, how does a webmaster specify them?
A: A webmaster can specify the "meta" keywords in the (not normally visible) header part of a webpage. A websites' header may look like:
   <title>Gnomit / Info / Qanda</title> 
   <name="description" content="Gnomit - Web Keyword search" />
   <name="keywords" content="Gnomit, web, search, keywords, keyword, meta, tags" />
Note, that the keywords are comma-separated and should be encoded in the website's character set or make use of HTML entities to express special characters.
Q: What if my website is listed, but I don't want that?
A: Add the following meta tag to your homepages' header:
  <meta name="robots" content="noindex" />
If you still want to allow other robots to index your site, you may use the meta tag "robots-gnomit". On the next visit of Gnomit's spider, your website will be removed from the index. You may speed up the visiting by submitting your website.
Q: What do these numbers2 mean, that are attached to each keyword?
A: Gnomit has stored and processed all keywords from all websites it has visited. (See Statistics if you want to know, how many these are.) The number gives you an idea on how common the keyword is. 9 is attached to the most common keywords, 1 to the least common ones. 0 means, that this keyword has only been found once on the web.
Q: How does Gnomit sort the search results?
A: Gnomit is about keywords, and only keywords. Sorting of the results is not related to any popularity a website may have, but only to how exact the site's keywords match the given query.
Q: What about other languages than English?
A: Gnomit aims to be fully compliant with most languages on the web. All of Gnomit's search results are presented in the UTF-8 character set. For the conversion of the original encoding to work, Gnomit's spider needs to know the character set the original webpage was encoded with. It tries to read the following header information, but can only do guesswork, if this information is omitted:
   <http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=iso-8859-1" />
Here are some keywords to try: ελλαδα1, מילון1, ايران1, фото1, スーツ1, โปรโมทเว็บ1,
Q: Other search engines have billions of webpages, Gnomit just millions. What gives?
A: Gnomit indexes websites, not webpages. You'll find a good share of the Web at Gnomit - give it a try.
Q: Most major search engines ignore the meta-tag keywords completely. Why bother with them?
A: Approximately 75% of all websites have meta-tag keywords. They are a precise and condensed view of the content and intention of the webmaster who created the site.
Q: Does an entry in Gnomit affect website ranking in other search engines?
A: All search results in Gnomit are linked to the websites using the rel="nofollow" attribute. Such links are ignored by other search engines regarding link-following and ranking.
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